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The Big Kitten Con

01 May 2022
The Big Kitten Con

Eight Precious Weeks While online shopping has become a huge part of our lives, particularly during the pandemic, the online sales of cats andkittens can have heart-breaking consequences.

Separating kittens from their mother before the age of eight weeks can have an impact on their behaviour, health and sometimes even their survival.

Unscrupulous sellers, looking to make a quick profit, are selling kittens underage that are weak, prone to illness and in the worse cases may die.  

Mum cats can be mistreated and kept in poor conditions, bred for their kittens again and again.

That’s why we’re calling for cat breeding to be regulated across the UK.

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Since last year, cat breeding has been regulated in Scotland* but the rest of the UK has no restrictions.

Eight Precious Weeks

Some kittens are being sold online for profit too soon. They're being torn apart from their mums before they're even eight weeks old. This isn't just upsetting, it is also life threatening.

Unscrupulous kitten selling has to stop. Take our Kitten Care Quiz so you don't get caught by the big kitten con.

No little life should be cut short