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Cats Protection warn of the consequences of un-neutered cats

07 August 2012
Is there an un-neutered cat in your neighbourhood?

If so, Cats Protection is warning that if an un-neutered female has kittens and they are not given the chance to be handled or wanted by humans this could result in a feral colony in the area.

Branch co-ordinator Pam McNicol said: “There seems to be a high number of un-neutered cats in the Peterborough area, and in recent weeks we have already come across at least two feral colonies in the city.

“If a cat has kittens which are unwanted and allowed to become feral because they are not used to human contact, then this makes it very difficult for animal charities like Cats Protection to home them. Instead, these kittens will remain living on the streets and are likely to have kittens themselves, resulting in a colony of feral cats that are very difficult to deal with and difficult to live near.

“If you feel this could be an issue as there are un-neutered cats (male or female) belonging to one of your neighbours, then please put them in touch with us before it becomes a problem as we are currently offering free neutering to owners who are on low incomes or benefits.

“Just one un-neutered female cat can lead to 20,000 descendants within five years. Our resources are already stretched with over 70 cats waiting for our help. By spreading the message about neutering, you could help relieve this pressure.

“Additionally, if you do find a stray pregnant female or mum and kittens, please contact an animal charity straight away for advice on how to stop the cats becoming feral.”

Under the scheme long-term stray cats can also benefit, where they are being regularly fed by residents and extensive efforts have been made to find an owner. 

If the cat is approachable, you will need to have placed a temporary collar (paper or thin card) round its neck for at least two weeks, with a message asking the owner to contact Cats Protection, before the cat can be neutered. Cats Protection can provide temporary collars.

The branch advice line can be contacted on 0845 371 2750.