Lost and Found

Lost and Found

If you have lost your cat please contact us by telephoning 0779 1834226, with information about your cat and your contact details.
You can also contact us on catspeterhead@gmail.com with details of your cat.

If your cat has gone wandering, there are a number of things you can do to help find him:

The first thing to do is to check your home thoroughly.
Check your garden and outbuildings, including under bushes, and inside and behind sheds and garages.
Create a poster advertising the fact that he is lost.
Distribute posters through all your neighbours doors, or walk around and knock on them.
If he is in unfamiliar territory and disorientated, it may help him find his way home if he can smell a familiar scent. If he uses a litter tray, scatter some used litter in the garden. Cat urine has a very powerful scent and it will travel a long way. If you don't have any litter, hang out something that smells of him or of you, e.g. his bed/blanket, the sheets from your bed, your dressing gown, etc. It may seem odd to hang out laundry before it's washed, but it might just help. Sometimes a cat may be hiding in a shed etc and not coming when you call so you are unaware they are there. If you have a digital camera, take random photo's in the dark as the cats eyes reflect with the flash and you will see them in the photo's.
Northsound radio will usually read out an appeal for you, as will most other local radio stations. To register your appeal, go to http://www.wavesfm.com/. Your local paper will print a Lost & Found advert for you (although they will probably charge for it)

And of course, don't forget to let Cats Protection know by calling 07791 834226

You can also report a lost cat by sending us an email with details of your cat, and your contact number at catspeterhead@gmail.com

Found cats

 If you have found a cat that you believe to be stray or lost, please phone us 07791 834226 with details of the cat and also your contact telephone number.

Please check with neighbours to see if the cat maybe belongs to them. If the cat does appear to be lost we will provide a collar with our details to attach to the cat. If you or someone you know might be interested in offering the cat a home, please discuss this with the Lost & Found Officer when you call on 0779 1834226.