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Christmas Bonanza

05 December 2019

Hi Everybody

Here I am again!  Sorry for the delay – I’ve been waiting for the last of the promised donations to arrive and, now they have, I can confirm that our final total for this event (including Gift Aid where appropriate) is:


As most of you know, this has been my last big event here at Cathaven.  It’s been hard work – not just for me(!) – but it’s been fun.  I’ve just totalled our full contribution to our local branch of Cats Protection since I started (July 2015).  We’ve had 5 events (3 x summer and 2 x Christmas) and the total raised (again with Gift Aid applied where possible) is:


Do please give yourselves a pat on the back because it is only your support that has enabled this to happen.  And. as you have a good ‘pat’, think about how much good this has enabled our local branch to do - over those years - for our local cats.

  Well done Everyone 

As always, my very sincere thanks go to my helpers.  They work SO hard at every event and, with their help, everything always runs so smoothly and everyone enjoys the end result, so:

Thank you
Liz Head, Karen Hounslow, Clare Lenehan, Sally Owen and Di Stacey

Before I finish, please note:  I’m not going away...............sorry about that!  I will be in touch again with you all in 2020 – maybe in the Spring - as we need to encourage everyone who shops online to raise funds for our CP branch whilst they’re doing it.  It costs NOTHING(!) and it’s SO easy, which is why it’s SO much fun to do.  If you wish to find out more before I get in touch, please go to:


So, it just remains for me to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you that has supported us over the years and wish you and your family and friends a

Very Happy Christmas
and a very
Happy and Healthy 2020
Liz x