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Volunteer. Be an advocate for a cat

31 March 2012
Are you looking for a quick, easy, but immensely rewarding way to get involved with cat rehoming? Do you live or work in or near the area covered by Preston Branch? Well, we're looking for Cat Advocates. All we ask you to do is take an A4 poster of 'your' cat, and perhaps a postcard, and display it in your workplace, car window, a local business or community centre, or even tell the world about 'your' cat on your blog, Facebook page or Twitter feed. You can go for one poster or a tweet or a status update, or ask for lots of posters and tell everyone you know. It's up to you. We'll send you the posters and postcards.

Once your cat has been rehomed, we'll let you know, and send you information / posters of your next cat.

We hope that the Cat Advocates will help us home more cats, home our cats faster, and let more people locally know that Cats Protection Preston Branch is working in this area. Email prestoncatsprotection@gmail.com with your details, if you want to volunteer, or contact us via this website.