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Bert and Ernie settle in

08 January 2014
Bert and Ernie settle in Bert and Ernie were the last cats homed in 2013, and we're delighted to have such an early update from their new family.

We thought you might appreciate an update on Bert and Ernie's progress.

Bert is the extrovert of the pair and set off to explore the house within minutes of his arrival. Ernie spent his first day inside the sofa - it took us ages to find him! He was quite happy though - we reached in to fuss him and he responded by purring and nuzzling. We left him to his own devices and were surprised at how quickly he came to. They both have healthy appetites and now have 'mad half hour' sessions where they stalk each other and let off steam. They will then calm down and spend time grooming each other.
They have had 'cat flap lessons' and learned very quickly when we rustled a packet of Dreamies on the other side! They now have the freedom of the conservatory for their efforts.
They both give and receive affection readily and will sit with / on us in their quieter moments - they are an absolute delight.
We are having another cat flap installed in the conservatory which will allow them the freedom to explore their new neighbourhood in a few weeks' time - that will be an anxious time for us.
We would like to thank you for the privilege of adopting them both, and their fosterer Mary for caring for them and her advice and support.