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Best Friends Forever

09 June 2014

This is a story about two adopted kittens who have become great friends. Jessica was born a farm kitten, in a large feral colony, but when she came in with the rest of the colony to be neutered, she made it clear that she wanted to be friendly, and had no objections to being a pet. We kept her in care, and put her up for adoption. Her owner has written to us about her progress, and her new friend.


We adopted Jessica in September 2013 from Preston Cats Protection - she was a 5 month old feral cat. She was very timid and frightened but within a couple of months she settled down and loved a cuddle. She used to cry most mornings at about 6.30 - the loudest miaow you've ever heard! My husband decided that Jessica wanted a sibling. I was afraid that this would upset Jessica - but I'm so pleased I was proved wrong! We decided to get a younger kitten and when I saw Nell the decision was made! Nell's foster mum Emma, had done a super job making sure she was socialised and giving her the confidence to face life outside her family.
When we brought Nell home we kept her in a separate room to Jessica for a couple of days. They both knew another cat was in the house. When we introduced them t here was a couple of scary moments when Jessica kept tapping Nell on the head (but her claws were in). There was also a bit of hissing and spitting for a day or so. Then, as if by magic, in less than a week they started to play and groom each other. They are now inseparable in our home. When Jessica goes outdoors, Nell plays happily on her own. Jessica also comes back into our home every hour or so to check on Nell - previously she would be outdoors for hours at a time. They sleep together, chase each other around and even eat out of the same bowl (at the same time). Best of all Jessica no longer cries every morning - she is much more settled and confident.