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Boswell - a true success story

21 February 2016
Boswell - a true success story

A year ago, we took in a gorgeous black and white cat named Boswell. He tested positive for FIV, so we knew that he would need  very special home. We waited and waited, and saw our lovely lad become our longest stay cat. After six months, our faith was rewarded when a lovely family adopted him. They have writtten to us with this update on how he is getting on.

Boswell has settled so much better and faster than we could ever have imagined, bearing in mind he was your longest stay foster cat (6 months with his foster 'mum', and prior to that a stray looked after by his ladies!) at the time we adopted him in August. 

We were a little cautious when we first read about Boswell’s condition, as he has FIV, and we did not know anything about this and any special care he would need.  However, after reading the information available on your website we decided that we could offer Boswell a forever home so he could have the life he so deserved.  I think the advice and information you provide is invaluable, as it reassured us that we could give a home to a cat with FIV, and knew we would have your support and advice when needed.  I hope this kind of support will encourage other to do the same.

 Now, 6 months on, Boswell rules the house (as any cat should!!), melts us with those big round eyes that captivated us when we first saw his picture, generally makes us smile, and more often, laugh at his antics!  

He plays with the energy of a kitten (quite a feat for a cat of his size!), a particular love of his are Primark paper shopping bags (he often climbs into them before they are emptied of shopping!).

I swear he has more toys in his toy basket than my children had (yes he has a toy basket!!). He runs up and down the stairs with such force that we think our neighbours think we have a herd of elephants rather than one cat!!  

To put it in a nutshell, we can’t thank Cat’s Protection Preston enough for bringing Boswell into our lives, and I’m sure Boswell feels the same.  I hope the pictures of Boswell show how happy he is, and I’m sure the pride we have in the way he has settled is apparent in this message.

 Thanks again

 Boswell’s Family