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Jack Black at home.

30 September 2014
Jack Black at home.
You may remember me, my name is Jack Black, or 'Mac' as I am now called; (the boy of the house is called Jack so it may have been difficult if he had come when the nice man or lady called me for tea!)
Well I digress. I had been in the cattery for 13 months, not chosen because I was black, had a short tail and was 5, what's all that about? I’m a very handsome boy. I was recommended by Cats Protection as a stable cat and I fit the bill just fine. What a life I have.
They have some lovely stables and horses and dogs and a parrot, enough said about that monster, it even meows, what a cheek!
I stayed in for a few weeks but now can go anywhere I like. I do sometimes bring presents for my family and the lady says “Oh no Mac you naughty boy”. 
I love to help to muck out the stables and run along the wall between the stables and I love to lay in the sunshine. I help with grooming the horses and feeding and filling the hay nets, Barney, the girl's horse sleeps next to me and I call him my mate. I sometime go out a walk with them but run back if they go past the end of the lane.
My best trick of all is to hide and jump out at the terriers. They run into the stables looking for me at 90 miles per hour, I jump out and they have to screech to a halt and I stare at them and they turn around and run. Its a good way to keep their claws short.
I love the nice man, he buys me those nice Whiskas pouches and biscuits. When he feeds me he always strokes me for ages and makes me purr loudly but he has to watch me as I do tell him when it's time to stop all that nonsense.
Anyway I must finish now, got to keep all that vermin down, pesky critters or maybe I’ll just have a nap. x x