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Jake's Happy Home

13 March 2015

Hello – Jake here. Remember me? Cats Protection Preston rescued me in early summer 2014, when I was living rough and had a badly broken and infected leg. They saved my life, and I’m really grateful to them. Their vet sorted out my leg – took it off completely, actually, which was a relief – then the lovely CP fosterer gave me lots of care and time to regain my strength. In July, they found me a new home.

I’ve been living in here for eight months now, and I can honestly say I think this is The Forever Home. It’s great. My new people are a retired couple who love cats and obviously know what we need and want. For the first few days they made sure I was fed and comfortable, but left me alone to get used to them: no fussing or prodding and poking. They spoke quietly and let me sleep under their sofa – she gave me a custom-made blanket bed to lie on, very nice. They let me sleep on their chairs – in fact, there were new blankets on them all, so I had a good choice of beds. After a couple of days I plucked up courage to jump on their laps to suss them out – again, no fuss, just gentle voices and cuddles. They seemed to call themselves Mum and Dad, so I do too.

I was kept safe indoors for three weeks until one sunny day they opened the conservatory door and invited me to sit with them on the patio. I had a cautious look round and – oh wow, what a garden! It’s big, and full of interesting corners and tunnels and nooks and crannies (whatever they are) to explore. It’s all organic, so no nasty smells or dangerous tastes, and the wildlife is just great. My people are nature fanatics, so the garden was teeming with stuff that flew, jumped, crawled or just sat there, waiting for me. And I could run back inside when it all got overwhelming. But I felt safe. And the sunbathing places are terrific.

On my first few trips in the garden I did my best to relocate all the huge frogs that took the liberty of occupying what Mum called her Wildlife Pond. She seemed a bit upset, and Dad chased me to try to get the frogs off me, but I did a great job. I wasn’t so successful with birds. Some feathery trespassers keep eating all the food Mum puts out in hanging tubes, so I try jumping at them to stop them. Well, to be honest, I want to catch them; don’t know why, as I get plenty of good food. But well, I’m a cat. Unfortunately I’ve had no success there – I am disabled, you know. Only got three legs! Not that you’d notice – I can really skip about.

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on. I am very comfortable, very happy and much loved – I can even sleep on the people bed with Mum if I want. Talk about a cushy billet! I love it here, and I love my people. I just want to say again how grateful I am to Cats Protection Preston for saving my life and finding me this lovely warm, loving home. Now, excuse me – I think I’ll find one of my toys and curl up with it for a little nap. . .

X Jake