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Paul abseiled down the Forth Bridge for us.

25 October 2017
Paul abseiled down the Forth Bridge for us. A couple of years ago Paul took in a pregnant cat. She had three kittens, and he kept all of them. We helped with the neutering costs, and to thank us he decided to take on a fund raising challenge to raise funds for Preston Branch. 

Unfortunately, Paul was taken seriously ill, and had to drop out of  that challenge, but as soon as he could get the all clear from his doctors, he took on a different one - to abseil down the Forth Bridge. Just the thought of it is enough to make the blood run cold, but Paul wanted to carry on with his fund raising

He's not quite reached his fund raising target, which is unbeilievable in view of his courage and tenacity. Can you make a donation in recognition of his determination?

You can find his Just Giving page at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/etiennenoir06