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Preston Branch Treasurer elected as CP Trustee

24 July 2014


We are so proud of our Treasurer, Alison Ryan. She has been a vital part of Preston Branch for over twenty years, organising our finances and making sure that we are running smoothly. Her bookkeeping has always been immaculate, her contribution as a committee member and fundraiser is invaluable, and her loyalty to the charity is without question. When she decided, several years ago, to stand as a candidate for Cats Protection Council at a national level, we supported her completely. The whole of Cats Protection has benefited from her financial savvy, her common sense, and her enormous experience of life both as a branch volunteer and in her 'day job' in insurance.

We are very proud to announce that she has recently been elected as a Cats Protection Trustee. The Trustees are unpaid Directors of the charity. This is a great achievement for Alison, and it also says a lot about Cats Protection as a national organisation, that they can attract people of Alison's calibre to such responsible yet unpaid posts. Congratulations Alison, we are all very proud of you.