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Princess Bear and the Big Vet Bill

06 May 2014
Princess Bear and the Big Vet Bill Princess Bear hasn't had the life of a princess, but we're hoping her new family will treat her like one. She came into care after being found as a stray. She had her leg trapped in her collar, and her rescuer freed it, but unfortunately the wound took a long time to heal. Before she was taken in by her rescuer, she'd struggled to survive, living in a a lock up shed that was then demolished, leaving her without shelter. She was forced to seek the only other available shelter, sleeping behind a wall, all the time struggling with the collar that trapped her leg and restricted her movement. When her rescuers (a local couple) took her in, life became a lot better, but they had a dog and couldn't keep her, so called us.

She is called Princess because she is bossy, and Bear because she's a survivor.

She has been in our care now for several months, during which time she has had three operations on the collar wound. She has been through a lot, and didn't understand why she had to keep going to the vets for more painful treatments. At one point it was thought that her leg might have to be amputated, but thanks to the expertise of the vets, and the nursing skills of her fosterer, she has, at last, rallied and her wound is now almost completely healed to the vets' satisfaction.

We have started a Just Giving page so that people can donate money to offset the £600+ vet bill that her care racked up. We would like to emphasise that without the significant discounts that we get from our vet, the bill would be much, much higher. If you would like to help, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/princessbear

Thank you.