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Shirley and Lesley are going to Zip It!

08 May 2017
Our Branch Co-ordinator Shirley Chisnall and shop Manager Lesley Fishleigh are off to Wales in October to face a real challenge. 

On 28 October 2017, they are doing the World's Fastest Zip Wire which is also the longest in Europe in Bangor, Wales. They will be strapped to the zip wire in a flying suit travelling face-first at speeds in excess of 100mph. See the video for an idea at: https://www.zipworld.co.uk/adventure/detail/velocity

Lesley says "This is definitely the scariest thing that I have ever done in my life so your support would be greatly appreciated and ensures that I wont back out!!!!" 
You can donate to Lesley's fund raising page here:- www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Lesley-Fishleigh

Shirley says "I have supported Preston Branch Cats Protection for over 25 years and think this is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for a wonderful charity and test my nerves! Any donations would be most gratefully received."

You can donate to Shirley's fund raising page here:- www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Shirley-Chisnall