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Tilly reports from her new home

05 May 2014
Tilly reports from her new home Hello!

It's been nearly two weeks since I left my fosterer to go and live with my new family so I thought I should write to let you know that I am ok!

It's been very interesting here. I spent the first five hours hiding under the sofa in the lounge, I was shy but not so shy that I wouldn't stick my paw out to take a treat from the girl here! Eventually, they out the reclining sofa up and I could see out into the room but still feel safe... After a little while I got nosey and came out for a sniff!
The first night I didn't sleep much, many things to look at & smell, I was in the girls bedroom with her. She was very grumpy the day after, something about not getting much sleep.....?
I've been sleeping in the kitchen ever since, on my bed, they left a small lamp on for me the first week and now they only leave on the light inside the cooker, it's very dim but gives a small glow that makes me feel less alone when they go to bed.
I'm always really pleased to see the big lady in the morning, she's very cheery and says 'good morning!' before she opens the kitchen door so that I know it is her that is there. I talk, chirrup & chat lots to her then, and give her big cuddles when she picks me up.
I have lovely breakfast and am eating all my meals, although the big lady says I eat really fast...!
On Mondays it is just me and the spotty boy at home as he is off from something called 'college' that day.... On Tuesday & Wednesday I am home alone as big lady has to go to something called the 'bloody bank' for work... But the girl comes home from 'school' at 3.30 and she is lovely and I am always excited at her appearance... She is really lovely and talks to me funny... The other days the big lady is here nearly all of the time.

We play at night time lots, big lady says I am having 'a daft half hour' when we do this. I love to chase the small balls they have, I love to bat it around and then I pick it up in my mouth and walk off with it... This makes everyone laugh for some reason... The big man that is here says 'Man Utd should sign me' as I have great ball skills!
There is a special ball I love that when I bop it small Dreamies treats fall out of them.... I think they thought I wouldn't be able to figure out that puzzle, but I had it sussed in a minute!

I've discovered this lovely room up the stairs that has a big pool of water thing... Anyways, I like playing in it and having the odd drink out of it.... Until I lost balance and fell in to it -my extra toes didn't help me then - so to show my annoyance I decided to have a poo in this thing called a 'bath' in the same room as the big watery thing, which is a 'toilet' apparently.... Big lady wasn't impressed for some reason.... She keeps that door shut all the time now!

I like sitting in the big lady's bedroom window and looking down their very long garden. There is a nice big tree and birds are always there feeding.... I mutter lots at them.... I'm going to get them one day! And imagine my surprise yesterday when I was looking out and I saw the big lady was there, by the tree! I couldn't believe it! I can't wait to get out there, I haven't figured out how I'll get there yet though.... Big lady says 'soon sweetheart' when I ask.

I'm liking it here, they say I have lots of personality, they like it when I chirrup to them especially. The only blot on the landscape is this other cat 'Mabel'.... I really don't like her, I hiss when I see her and grumble too..... She never says anything back though, she just looks at me like I'm stupid! The cheek! But big lady says I am going to have to stop being silly sooner or later....

So don't be worrying, I am really happy here... I'm lying in front of the fire as I write, big lady, who I might start calling Mum, is sat on the sofa staring at this big box thing.... And they all call me Thumble now, something to do with my paws and Thumbelina? Big Lady Mum calls me ThumbleBumble most of the time.... I always come when she calls that name :)

I've caught two big spiders too since I've been here! This really pleased everyone. I felt very proud of myself!

Life is good. I'll write again soon and show you how I have grown. I've put a picture on here so you can see me.

Lots of love
Thumble xx