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We've got an Award!

10 November 2016
We got some very encouraging news yesterday. We got an award!
Cats Protection is a charity that puts a lot of emphasis on training and encouraging volunteers. We've set up a verification programme nationally called Volunteer Champions In Practice. It's a particular challenge for the voluntary branches which do the vast majority of CP work, as the branches are run entirely by volunteers.
Preston Branch prides itself on being one of the most forward thinking branches in the country, and we've embraced the VCIP programme as a way of documenting what we do, and setting a blueprint out for what we want to do. Our team, led by our voluntary co-ordinator Shirley, has been working with the National Cat Centre for the last couple of months, and we heard yesterday that we've been awarded the Level 2 VCIP! This is just our starting point. There are four levels, and we are now aiming for the very highest level, Level 4.
As well as a very swish certificate, which we can all be proud of, we were awarded a small extra grant from CP nationally, which we will put towards our neutering voucher scheme, helping cats and kittens locally.
We've always known that Preston Branch is a great rescue group to volunteer for (many of our volunteers have been with us for decades), but it's nice to be recognised. Every single volunteer should be very proud of what we do together.