That itch might not be the cat's fault.

20 April 2015

Allergy sufferers urged to battle the allergy, rather than re-home their cats This Allergy Awareness Week (20 – 26 April 2015), Cats Protection is urging cat owners in Lancashire to think treatment first prior to making the decision to give a cat away. Many cats were brought into the charity’s Preston Branch in 2014 due to allergies. The number of cats brought to the charity because of allergies rose by 10% nationally. Jeanette Greaves, spokesperson for ...

Jake's Happy Home

13 March 2015

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Hello – Jake here. Remember me? Cats Protection Preston rescued me in early summer 2014, when I was living rough and had a badly broken and infected leg. They saved my life, and I’m really grateful to them. Their vet sorted out my leg – took it off completely, actually, which was a relief – then the lovely CP fosterer gave me lots of care and time to regain my strength. In July, they found me a new home. I’ve been living in here for eight months now, and I...

Daisy and Lily settle in.

11 August 2014

We've heard from Daisy and Lily's new family, it sounds like they're doing really well. We appear to have had some personality changes in Daisy & Lily's relationship. As you know, Lily had an extremely dominant personality when the entire litter was staying with you. Well, Daisy has soon caught up! It has been a great time to bring them into our home, as my son Nick is home from school and daughter Gemma is back from Uni, so they have play-friends even when we are at work. Having two ...