That itch might not be the cat's fault.

20 April 2015

Allergy sufferers urged to battle the allergy, rather than re-home their cats This Allergy Awareness Week (20 – 26 April 2015), Cats Protection is urging cat owners in Lancashire to think treatment first prior to making the decision to give a cat away. Many cats were brought into the charity’s Preston Branch in 2014 due to allergies. The number of cats brought to the charity because of allergies rose by 10% nationally. Jeanette Greaves, spokesperson for ...

Jake's Happy Home

13 March 2015

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Hello – Jake here. Remember me? Cats Protection Preston rescued me in early summer 2014, when I was living rough and had a badly broken and infected leg. They saved my life, and I’m really grateful to them. Their vet sorted out my leg – took it off completely, actually, which was a relief – then the lovely CP fosterer gave me lots of care and time to regain my strength. In July, they found me a new home. I’ve been living in here for eight months now, and I...