Sponsorship and Gift Sponsorship

The question ‘What do I buy for the person who has everything?’ is a perplexing one. We hope to give you some interesting choices.

1) Gift membership. For only £10 a year in the UK (please ask for overseas prices) we will add your chosen recipient to our newsletter mailing list and tell them about the cats in our care and what our volunteers are up to every two months. Please note that the money covers newsletter printing and postage costs only.

2) Sponsor a snip. £20.00 We’re one of the top branches in the country for neutering. The National Cat Centre pays for a lot of the neutering, but we may have to dip into our reserves again this year to fund the huge increase in demand that we’re seeing for help with neutering costs. We have other costs associated with neutering, such as transport costs and food / litter for the ferals and strays that we sometimes keep for a few days after the operation. Help us in this vital work and buy a ‘sponsored snip’. We’ll send you or your chosen recipient a certificate with some details of a recently neutered cat. 

3) Cat pen sponsorship. £60 minimum. It’s a big thing to ask, we know, but £5 a month by standing order or a £60 annual payment is a huge help to our finances. We’ve spent over £1,000 this year on pen refurbishment alone, and each cat that we take in costs us in veterinary fees, food, litter, electricity etc. Maybe if you would like a gift sponsorship, you could let several people know and they could club together? All sponsors who are not already members will be added to our mailing list. Pen sponsors receive updates every two months, on the residents of their chosen pen.

4) Event sponsorship (e.g. Jumble sales, table top sales, Fairs). £30 minimum for part sponsorship, £70 for full sponsorship. You or your recipient will be mentioned in CP advertising posters, on the website, and in the newsletter. You can also sponsor a craft stall outing for just £10. 

5) Newsletter sponsorship. For a minimum donation of £100, you can sponsor an issue of our newsletter in memory of, or in honour of, a pet or friend. 

6) One off donation in the name of the recipient, without adding them to the mailing list. £10 minimum. We wil write to them to let them know the donation has been made.

For all of the above, remember to let us know whether you are ordering for yourself or for a friend, and whether you would like a renewal reminder sent after a year. If you would like a renewal reminder for a gift, please let us know whether you want it sent to yourself or to the recipient.

Remember, you can always drop donations of cat food into the collection bins at our shop at 77 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, or at  Booths Supermarkets or Pets At Home, or start your own cat food collection now for us to pick up in December.

Please email us at PrestonCatsProtection@gmail.com or visit us here, if you would like to become a sponsor, or to buy a gift sponsorship.