Preston Branch have had a sponsorship scheme for over a quarter of a century. We offer a pen sponsorship scheme, where well wishers commit to a financial donation (a minimum of £5 per month or £60 a year) and in return get our newsletter with a special update on their sponsor pen and the cats that have been helped by that pen over the previous couple of months.

At the moment, we have twenty four cat pens, of which twenty two are available for sponsorship.

George's Pen is in Leyland. It was paid for by a very generous donation from one of our supporters, and is named after one of their cats. Arthur's Pen is with the same fosterer, and again was paid for by the same supporter and named after one of their pets.

Thursday's Pen is also in Leyland, with a different fosterer. It is sponsored in memory of a Maine Coon cat, long gone now, but remembered through our sponsor pen scheme. The pen next door is Alfie's Pen, named by another of our generous supporters. 

Spook's Pen is in Broadgate, Preston. It's a single pen, and is named in memory of a supporter's beloved pet. 

Toby's Pen and Rosie's Pen are twin pens in Chorley. At the moment only one is in use, sponsorship currently falls under 'Rosie and Toby's Pen'.  

Pringle's pen, also known as Zoe's Pen, is in Penwortham. The pen next door is Merrily's Pen, named by one of our long term volunteers after her own cat.

Smokey's Pen is a single pen in Ashton-on-Ribble. It too was paid for by a very generous supporter, and named after one of their cats. 

The Frank Collinge Memorial Pen, and Scouse's Pen, are together in Whittle-le-Woods. We bought them with a generous legacy from one of our volunteers, and they are named after him and his beloved cat.

Lilian's Pen is in Cottam, it's a single pen.

Lucky's Pen is in Ribbleton, and is named in honour of one of our member's cats. Lucy's Pen is next to Lucky's Pen, and is also named in memory of a beloved pet of one of our supporters.

Blackberry's Pen is in Hoghton, and was named in memory of a beloved pet. The next door pen is Vincent's Pen, named by the branch committee in honour of Vincent, one of Preston Branch's  first foster cats, who is still remembered fondly. Vincent's Pen isn't in regular use at the moment. 

Edna's Pen is in Ashton-on-Ribble, and is named in memory of Mrs Edna Fisher, a much loved branch volunteer who passed away in 2017. The pen next door is Sally's Pen, named in memory of a beloved pet by one of our members.

Poe's Pen is a single pen in Cottam, named in honour of a very much missed and loved pet. 

Domino's Pen and Prudence's Pen are in Chorley, and are both named in memory of much loved pets.

We don't have any opportunities at the moment for pens to be named, but we hope that there is a pen in the list above that you would be interested in sponsoring. Please contact us at Prestoncatsprotection@gmail.com for more information. 

Remember, you can always drop donations of cat food into the collection bins at our shop at 77 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, or at  Booths Supermarkets or Pets At Home, or start your own cat food collection now for us to pick up.

Please email us at PrestonCatsProtection@gmail.com or visit us here, if you would like to become a sponsor, or to buy a gift sponsorship.