Sponsor a Branch cat

All of the cats in our foster care are looking for new homes but some are with us longer than others due to their age, temperament or health issues.  These cats are available for sponsorship and, if you are kind enough to sponsor one of these cats, you will receive details, a photo and regular updates, as well as our quarterly Branch Newsletter.    Donations can be made by standing order or cheque on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. 

Currently we have three cats available for sponsorship.

Bagheera is a shorthaired black boy, aged around 16 years, and was found as a stray and handed into the vet.  He was matted and had a flea allergy but his coat has greatly improved since being with his fosterers and his fur has grown back.  Bagheera is a very affectionate, friendly and nice natured gentleman who really loves his food and says "thank you" with a little meow when he has finished his meal.  He recently had a lump removed from above his eye which was found to be cancerous but he has recovered well from his operation and the vet is pleased with him. 

Despite having several beds to choose from, Bagheera prefers to sleep in a litter tray. 

is ginger and around 5 years old.  He's a very handsome boy but, sadly, has chronic kidney failure.   For such a young cat, our vet thinks his kidney damage may have been caused by swallowing anti-freeze or lilies and so it is an important reminder to keep all our cats safe from these toxic dangers.  Mick is lively and playful and very settled in his foster home.

Scooter is a black girl, around 14 years old and came into our care as her owner was no longer able to keep her.   She is very nervous at the moment and but has just moved from the cattery to a new foster home - we hope that will feel happier in a quieter environment and is already starting to be less scared.

If you are interested in sponsoring a cat, or giving sponsorship as a gift, please contact Chris via e-mail on sponsorship@catsrayleigh.org.uk or telephone 01268 741332.