Lost Cats process

The process for Lost cats

Welcome to the Lost and Found for Cats Protection Rayleigh.  We understand that, when a cat goes missing, it can be a very worrying time.  We can help with advice and ideas that might help - you can contact us via email to: lostandfound@catsrayleigh.org.uk.

When you make contact with us, we will ask you for a number of details, but most importantly, we will ask for a photo so we can add it to the database.  If you email us, please include these details:

  • Name of Cat
  • Colour
  • Is he or she microchipped?
  • Are the details of the microchip up-to-date?
  • Was your cat wearing a collar?
  • What colour was the collar?
  • Is your cat neutered?
  • When did he/she go missing?
  • Your full address, including postcode
  • Your contact telephone numbers and your permission to use them

We will, then, log all the details onto a site called www.petsearchsoutheast.co.uk

This site is used by ourselves, the RSPCA and Southend Cats Protection and is regularly viewed by vets and the public to try and match lost and found cats.You can download your own leaflets from this site and we highly recommend leafletting as many houses as you can.  Quite often, when a cat goes missing, it is not always noticed as a new arrival in the area and it can take people some time to report them as found. 

We can't recommend anything more than getting your cat microchipped.  We have a much higher success rate of reuniting micro-chipped cats.   If your cat isn't microchipped, we will email you a list of contact numbers to try, just in case your cat has been taken in by the RSPCA.

We will share all the information we have on various Facebook pages, including our own which is: Cats-Protection-Rayleigh. 

When you contact us we also try to give you reassurance.  Sometimes having someone to talk to, and someone who  understands the situation, can be a real comfort in a very worrying time.  We have a lot of cats that come home of their own accord, or who are reunited after weeks, months and even years.  And please don’t worry about reporting them missing even if it is within a few hours - every cat reunited is a success

The image is taken from PetSearchSouthEast website.