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Please microchip your cat - this will explain why

20 August 2019
Please microchip your cat - this will explain why
We recently reunited two different lost cats with their owners after they had been missing for a considerable amount of time. These two real-life stories illustrate the importance of microchipping your cat in case they wander.
In the first case, a little black cat appeared outside a house on Canvey and the kind inhabitants started to feed her. After about a month of this they got worried the cat was lost and so they contacted us.  A volunteer from the Branch went round and scanned the cat with a microchip reader in the hope that the cat had a microchip, which would identify it.   Unfortunately the cat did not have a microchip and so this meant we had no idea where the cat had come from or whose it might be. So our Lost and Found Officer took some photos and put them up on all the local Facebook groups and crossed her fingers. As luck would have it, the owner saw one of the Facebook posts and, after 6 weeks, was reunited with his cat. So a happy ending but this could easily have ended differently, as it is hard for one cat owner to keep up with everything posted on all the different social media sites.
The other cat, a black and white male, turned up at a house in Benfleet. The Branch was called round and our Lost and Found Officer scanned him.  The good news was that he had been microchipped.  Our volunteer rang the microchip company, found out the owner's details and she was able to come round and claim her cat within 10 minutes. The cat had been missing since April.
It's always wonderful to have a happy ending.  It's much more likely to happen, though, if you microchip your cat - as even a cat that stays close to home can be given a wee scare by a dog or a lorry and end up in unfamiliar territory.  With a microchip, any vet or animal charity can find the cat's owners and home. 

Please ask your vet about the procedure or watch animal charities' social media pages for snip and chip events where you can spay/neuter and microchip your cat for a low cost.