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The Pet Food Recycling Programme Is Ending

25 October 2021
The Purina Pet Food Recycling Programme is coming to a close, so we will not be accepting any more after the 1st week in November
Pet food pouches are made up of a complex mix of materials which are difficult to separate and recycle. This is why you can’t put them in your normal local council recycling bin for kerbside collection. Purina offered this solution to this issue by partnering with brands who cover the costs of collecting, sorting and processing the waste.

Unfortunately, Purina will no longer be sponsoring The Pet Food Recycling Programme and as such, their programme will be closing. However, Purina remains committed to achieving its goal that 100% of its packaging will be reusable or recyclable by 2025 and is working hard to find long-term solutions for harder to recycle packaging, working collaboratively across industry to advance UK recycling infrastructure as well as making its own packaging easier to recycle. For more information on what Purina is doing in this area, click here.

Please contact us for any more information regarding this, and we ask that people submit any further pouches by the 6th November.