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How adopting kittens got one family through lockdown

09 October 2020
How adopting kittens got one family through lockdown

Many UK animal charities have seen a boost in adoptions this year. It’s thought this is because families are spending more time at home as a result of the nationwide lockdown and ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As well as providing excellent company, research suggests that having a cat around can make you significantly less stressed and even reduce your risk of heart disease! Some people have also reported an increase in productivity when working at home with a feline companion. Adopting a cat is a no-brainer, if you ask us! 

Malcolm and his family, his wife and two sons, adopted two kittens from Cats Protection Richmond Branch back in March days before lockdown. We decided to catch up with him to learn how the cats affected his family’s experience of lockdown, find out how they are settling in to their new home, and hear his advice for anyone who is considering adopting a cat. 

“We have always had cats and sadly in February found ourselves looking for another cat,” says Malcolm, explaining why he decided to adopt from Cats Protection. He has adopted from Cats protection before so coming back to us was an obvious first choice. He wanted to find two young bonded cats because his family has plenty of room in their house and time to look after multiple animals. 

As soon as they saw Izzy and Rosie on the Cats Protection website, his family knew they were the ones! “We really wanted these beauties in our lives.” 

“I have a long-term health condition which means that the whole family has been shielding during lockdown,” says Malcolm. “I honestly don’t think we could have got through this period without the kittens. They are the center of our family and have us bent to their will! We all have been working from home so they have had their choice of desks and work areas to settle down on and keep us company. It has been a brilliant adventure for all of us.

Two kittens

The two cats have loved spending time at home with the family, but now that lockdown is over they are starting to have longer periods of time alone. “They seem to be just fine,” says Malcolm. “They are still quite timid with new people though. Soon we are going to start outside training and exposure, first on a harness and lead. We have purchased a fantastic new cat flap that works on their ID chips and has an evening to morning curfew lock in timer function which is very important for us to help keeping them safe at home at night.” 

To anyone thinking of adopting a cat, Malcolm says “get two, you won’t regret it!” 


“These kittens had a very rough start in life but with the dedication of Cats Protection and its fosterers, we now have two utterly fabulous, crazy, happy young ladies. We have kept in touch with their foster cat dad as without his incredible hard work we wouldn’t be here now. His advice early on was extremely useful too. Looking at them now it is fantastic seeing how far they have come.” 

Visit the Cats Protection website to find out about our new hands-free homing initiative and look for cats in your area.

Follow the kittens on Twitter if you'd like to keep up with Izzy and Rosie's escapades: https://twitter.com/IzzyRosie2