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How to keep your cat safe this Christmas

08 December 2019
How to keep your cat safe this Christmas People all over the world are gearing up for Christmas but there are a few things to bear in mind if you're a cat owner, including ensuring your Christmas tree is safe, keeping your cat away from poisonous foods and what to do if you're going away.

  • Christmas trees and decorations
Cats love Christmas trees and they often try to play with the sparkly decorations or even climb it. Just make sure they don't ingest any of the pine needles or broken decorations. You should also cover the wires to the lights if possible and always turn them off when you're not at home.

  • Poisonous food
Keeping your cat away from human food during the festive period is very important, as things like raisins, grapes, chocolates, sweets, onion and garlic are all poisonous to cats.

  • Costumes
Cats Protection strongly advises against dressing cats up in any form of clothing or accessories, because they restrict their movement, making them less able to express their normal cat behaviour, such as grooming or streching.

  • Stress and anxiety
We want our cats to enjoy Christmas as much as we do, but it can be a stressful time for them, especially if they're particularly nervous or you have a lot of people coming over. To help them stay calm, provide a hiding place for them somewhere quiet so they can escape if they need to, or use a pheremone diffuser.

  • Leaving your cat over the Christmas period
For most cats, the best solution is to get a cat sitter rather than sending them to a cattery. This is because they prefer their own environment and will feel less stressed at home.You could choose a friend, neighbour or family member who can visit at least twice a day, making sure your cat is safe and well-fed. Alternatively, you could book a professional pet sitting service to look after them. 

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Merry Christmas to all the supporters of Cats Protection Richmond Branch!