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The story of Baby Girl

26 July 2021
The story of Baby Girl Once upon a time there was a stray black cat, and nobody knew where she had come from. Her tail was shorter than other cats’ and she lived in fields and people’s back gardens, struggling to survive. It was not an easy life and when she had kittens, they had a very hard time too. Then one day she started visiting a nice couple’s garden - they would give her good food and had a shed where she could take refuge. She also liked their one-eyed cat, Freddie.

Freddie was different from the other cats, she felt at ease with him. The couple liked her and named her Baby Girl. However they couldn’t have her in their house, as much as they would have liked to, because they already had many other pets, and she was very nervous of their dogs. 

The couple thought it would be in everybody’s interest if Baby Girl was neutered and so contacted Cats Protection for help. After Baby Girl was trapped, she was brought indoors and spent a few days waiting for a vet appointment in a large crate set-up that the couple created for her. Freddie would keep her company by sleeping next to or on top of her crate.

Baby Girl and Freddie

Baby Girl was then taken to be neutered and checked over, and spent some time recovering in one of CP’s centres, and they also assessed her to see whether she liked humans enough to be rehomed. Freddie became so sad that his friend had gone that he started spending long hours by the spot where she used to be and, as the days passed, even stopped eating. Baby Girl made it clear that she didn’t really want to be inside or with people. They made her nervous and she missed her freedom and her friend, so it was decided the best thing was for her to go back to the kind couple’s garden.

Baby Girl and Freddy

The day that Baby Girl was returned, the nice couple called for Freddie from the car many times, but he didn’t respond. Then Baby Girl called and he immediately called back! In no time, they were in the garden eating and lounging together (and hopefully living happily ever after!).

Baby Girl teaches us that not all cats want to be in a home, cuddling up with people. For some cats, they haven’t had positive experiences of people from a young enough age, and they have lived their life free to roam. When we bring them inside, thinking we are doing best for them, they become stressed and sad, sometimes shutting down and sometimes being very aggressive. Cats like Baby Girl should be respected for exactly who they are. She is welcome to come into the kind couple’s home whenever she chooses, but for the most part her choice is to be outside, exploring and playing with her friend Freddie. Now that she is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, we see no reason why she shouldn’t have the freedom to do exactly as she pleases!

We are here to help. If you've found a lost or stray cat, let us know by emailing lostandfound@richmond.cats.org.uk.