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Importance of Microchipping

01 June 2016
Importance of Microchipping

Our Homing and Welfare Officer recently took a call about a stray cat who had been fed by a woman for a few months, but as they were moving, they were concerned about what would happen to the cat. She popped round after work one day to see if the cat was neutered and chipped, before being put on our waiting list. To her surprise the scanner beeped, indicating the cat was indeed chipped. We got the owners details from the register, but unfortunately the number was no longer available. This may have meant they had moved and not updated the records, so we went to the registered address in the hope that if they had moved, someone knew how to get hold of them. It turned out that the owner hadn’t moved, just changed number, and as the cat went missing 3 years previously, they had given up all hope so hadn’t updated the microchip records. Owner and cat are now re-united after 3 years, the cat was in a different town, about 6 miles away from his home.

There are two morals to this story, the first being if you move, or change any of your contact details such as your telephone number, please contact the chip company to update the records, and the second is if you find a stray, please take it to the local vet as soon as possible to be checked for a microchip, they don’t charge for this, and this cat could have been reunited months ago.


Microchipping is relatively cheap and painless, and only requires doing once in a cats lifetime. Please see http://www.cats.org.uk/cat-care/key-cat-care/microchipping/ for further information about it.