Direct Rehoming - Cats

Cats advertised on this page are being re-homed though our Direct Re-homing service. These cats are still in the care of their owners who we will put you directly in touch with should you wish to meet the cats. 

As all cats that are up for adoption via our direct rehoming service remain in the care of their original owner and are not in the care of Rugby Cats Protection,therefore we accept no responsibility for any cat’s that are being rehomed via this service.

For more information about Direct Re-homing click here.

To enquire about any of the cats please call the helpline on 0345 260 2749 or email

Tilly and O'Mally

Gender Female/Male
Age 8 years / 8 years
Breed Domestic short-hair/Domestic short-hair
Colour Calico / Ginger and White
Can live with cats Unknown / Unknown
Can live with dogs No / No
Can live with a family Yes / Yes
Can live with mature family Yes / Yes
Indoor cat Yes / Yes
Access to Outside No / No

Tilly is a lovely natured cat who loves fuss and could purr all day if being fussed. She loves a foil chocolate wrapper scrunched up into a ball and will play fetch.

She dislikes bin bags and the hoover due the noises they make.

She loves cuddling up to her brother, Omally. They have always been together and are very close.

Tilly doesn’t always like being picked up. Her claws come out (not with the intention of scratching) just because she doesn’t like it.

Although Tilly has epilepsy she has only had one seizure in 2 years and does not require medication. Her feline acne does require antibiotics when she has a flare up.

Omally is a lovely natured cat. He loves fuss and a cuddle/lap on occasion. He is also a ‘chatty’ cat who will answer you when you talk to him.

He also dislikes bin bags and the hoover.

He loves cuddling up to Tilly. They have always been together and are very close.

He is partial to chewing thin wires (like phone chargers) so these are best kept away from him!

O'Mally's seizures are controlled with medication which he takes twice daily. He has annual blood tests because of this and his last test was January this year. The results of this were very possitive and with a possible outcome that his medication is no longer required - this will need to be discussed further with a vet. He has not had a seizure since starting his medication in 2016.

Tilly and O'Mally are in Lutterworth and are being rehomed via our Direct Rehoming service.