Running For Rugby

We are very lucky to have been chosen by one of our supporters who will be raising money for us when she runs the London
Marathon next year. 

The 26 mile London Marathon will take place on the 24th of April starting in Blackheath, London. The race holds the
Guinness World record as the largest annual fundraising event in the World with each participant committing to raise a minimum sponsorship of £2000. There are a number of ways that runners can apply for a place, including public ballots and charity entries.

Gemma is a keen runner who adopted her cat, Bow, from us in 2018 when she was looking for a feline friend to join her family.

If you see Gemma running around Rugby, please cheer her on!

Why did you choose Rugby Cats Protection?
I chose Rugby Cats Protection as I wanted to support a local charity to me, and it’s where we rehomed Bow from. Smaller branches often struggle with funding or awareness and so I want to help spread the word and raise some much needed funds.
Tell us a bit about Bow
Bow is a grey and white domestic short hair. She is 4 1/2 years old and quite the mischievous puss! Don’t the let the cute face deceive you! She absolutely loves an adventure when the weather is warmer, and loves a good belly rub and lots of cuddles too!
What is your training regime?
I am currently training to compete in the London Landmarks Half Marathon In May. Following on from that my training will continue to the full marathon for next April. I currently run 3 times a week, and will fill in my rest days with HIIT sessions to build up my strength.