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Success Story about Sam

11 February 2012
Success Story about Sam
We love hearing from our friends who have adopted our cats and kittens. We thought we would share this recent letter that we received:

I cannot believe it but it is one year today February 9th that you kindly brought our lovely boy Sam to our home in  your car. I wish that  you could see him now. He is well and truly at home now. He knows all our routines, meal times, treat times and bed time. He has two special chairs where he likes to sleep most of the cold weather away and heaven help anyone if they are sitting in his seat. He just sits by them and stares them out. He also has a habit of sitting up on his back legs just like a dog begging. Sometimes it is to ask for his meal. He will come on to my lap now and stay for a quite a long time but he will not come to me. He just sits and stares at me with that loving look that cats have sometimes and will not stop looking until I get up and  pick him up and place him on my lap when he will lie in his favourite position in my arms. Unfortunately, he still does not like visitors and will hiss and growl at them when they come in and then runs away to hide until they have gone!!!!!
He still has to go to the vets every four to six weeks for injections when he starts scratching around his face and he gets a bit off colour (but he never stops eating completely). His coat is lovely and shiny and he has not had any problems with the skin on his back.
We love him dearly and are so glad that we adopted him. Thought that you would like an update, I have included some  photographs as well.