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Peggy-sue: A story from one of our fosterers

03 March 2013
Peggy-sue: A story from one of our fosterers

PEGGY SUE - A story from one of our fosterers!

Donna Cave, one of our lovely fosterers, tells us the story about little Peggy-sue.

"Peggy –sue was just 8 weeks old when she was found under a bush on the Bilton Road,a caring lady could hear little cries and so looked until she found this poor little cold kitten.

Not only was she cold but she is a very special kitten because she is classed has disabled this is because she has toes missing from one hind leg and a foot and toes missing from the other hind leg.

The very kind lady immediately rushed the little kitten to vets4pets to get her checked over and warmed up has she didn’t know how long she had been out in the cold probably all night.

On 17th January the same day Peggy sue came into my foster care, which is very lucky for her really because that evening we had all that snow so if the lady had not looked for her she would never had survived another night.

She is one of a kind, very affectionate and loving. She loves to be cuddled and i must say i enjoy cuddling her also, she snuggles right up to you. She enjoys her toys with the ball chaser being her favourite. And the kitty bionk the second best she would chase the kitty bionk for hours around the room. Considering she had parts of her feet missing she gets around so well. She even jumps onto the scratch post to the sofa bed. She has a little party trick she will roll over and over just like a dog does whenever I went to feed her.

Nothing stops this amazing little kitten from leading a normal life just like any other cat/kitten would.

She has even started to pull on my heart strings she is that adorable and loving and i am thinking about keeping this precious little girl myself, she is just such a character she always makes me laugh with what she can achieve.

On 27th February Peggy-sue was re-homed she has settled in really well with her new play mates and she is enjoying having someone to play with. It was hard to let her go but it was for the best because she needs to be an indoor cat and all my other cats are outdoor cats. I will stay in contact with Peggy-sue’s new owner who has said i can visit any time because she knows how i feel about this delightful little girl so i will get to see her grow up .

This is my story about PEGGY-SUE ."

Donna Cave (fosterer)