Squeak, Dusty, Bubble & Strongbow

Here are some pictures of my 4 little kitties (adopted summer 2010)

Sunset Storm (Squeak), Dusty Pink (Dusty), Shimmering Bubbles (Bubble) and little Rainbow Star (Strongbow).


All are doing well, Rainbow seems to have recovered from her tummy problems, although everybody is now on a gluten free diet.

Bubbles has blossomed in to an affectionate little girl from the hissing and spitting little madam she was when she first arrived.

Dusty remains as enigmatic as ever, but quite talkative.

Since the pictures where taken, Sunset has had a major op on his left ear, he actually had 2 ops in 3 weeks as a result of a bad ear infection and growths in his ear canal. The specialist thought he had had the infection all his life, probably due to cat flu, but the symptoms did not become apparent until April. It has left him hearing impaired and at present his left eye is not functioning properly but that should get better with time. However, since the op he has discovered his voice and it is a very loud voice! Despite all this, he is an affectionate little boy who likes nothing better than a warm lap or a comfy bed.

They are not averse now to chasing the big boys around and making their presence felt!