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Scotland skydive - Stirling parachute centre October 2017

Event Overview

Do something amazing and jump to raise funds for your local Cats Protection branch or centre. Combine the most exciting and exhilarating moment of your life with raising funds to help cats. You can do a tandem skydive or brand new challenge – a solo static line jump (Saturdays only).

As you exit the aircraft you will experience speeds of 120mph as the adrenaline rushes over you for up to a full minute, freefalling up to two miles! Then as the canopy opens you can take in the spectacular views.

We ask you to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £50 and pledge to raise a minimum of £460. You are able to nominate a local branch or centre to receive your hard-raised sponsorship.

We understand the commitment, courage and thought that goes into participating in a challenge event on behalf of Cats Protection and promise we will do our very best to give you all the help and support you need to have a successful challenge and raise much-needed funds to help us care for cats and kittens.