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Durham skydive April 2018

Event Overview

Do something amazing and fly to raise funds for your local Cats Protection branch or centre. Combine the most exciting and exhilarating moment of your life with raising funds to help cats.

A tandem skydive is the ideal first jump – you will experience the thrill of freefall and enjoy a high performance canopy ride whilst attached to a fully qualified instructor.

Registration fee £35 (non-refundable , please ensure you read the T&Cs on the link before progressing with your booking)

Minimum fundraising pledge £350

Set up your fundraising page here 

We understand the commitment, courage and thought that goes into participating in a challenge event on behalf of Cats Protection and promise we will do our very best to give you all the help and support you need to have a successful challenge and raise much-needed funds to help us care for cats and kittens. You are able to nominate to support a local branch or centre with your fundraising.

We will also provide you with a dedicated Facebook group to network with fellow cat-loving event participants and a branded yellow Cats Protection head buff, plus ideas, resources and support to help you fundraise.



* Whilst availability permits

Tandem Skydiving
From just £200
£70 deposit - 10k and 15k jump upgrades available

Book now
For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a tandem skydive is unlikely to be forgotten! Many do sponsored tandem jumps for charity or simply just for the thrill of falling at speeds in the order of 120-180 mph.

Watch now!
Courses are normally scheduled Friday to Sunday Feb/Mar/Nov and Wednesday to Sunday (plus bank holidays) April to October. See the booking Calendar for currently scheduled availability.

Pricing for Tandem Skydives:
All prices are per participant, and days subject to schedule and availability
• The Popular Option 7,500ft - 10,000ft Saturday & Sunday; the Aim being to get 10,000ft conditions permitting
• £250 for 1 person
• £240 for 2 people
• £220 for 3-9 people
• £210 for 10-19 people
• £200 for 20-39 people
• 10,000ft - Monday to Friday
• £200 for 1-39 people

Upgrade a Tandem Skydive from up to 10,000ft to the Max Altitude Tandem Skydive 9,000ft - 15,000ft; the Aim being 15,000ft conditions permitting so potentially doubling the Tandem Free Fall from 5,000ft to 10,000ft for just £50..
Please note prices are “upto” heights as occasionally cloud, pressure or temperature may prevent the full height from being achieved.

On the day
Registration, Documentation and Training can take in the order of 45 minutes to 1 hour.
On completion of training each instructor can, given good weather, take participants on Tandem Skydives at a rate of 1 participant per each remaining hour of the day. According to demand we may schedule in 1 instructor mid week, and 2 to 5 on weekends.

Participants, their friends & family should not rule out the possibility that adverse conditions may delay or postpone their jumps so requiring additional attendance at the Centre to jump - poor weather on the first visit is no guarantee of good weather on subsequent visits.

(Statistics indicate that 50% of participants jump on their 1st booked date, 25% on their 2nd, 12½% on their 3rd and 12½% have to book 4 or more dates in order to complete their jumps. That is the nature of skydiving and it should be noted that no refunds are offered to those unwilling to reschedule to alternative dates)

A queuing system operates at the Centre normally with those with the lower ticket reference being manifested first. Where possible we do try and group participants with friends and family, but this can't always be guaranteed.

The rules within which we operate, as set out by the BPA in the Operations Manual, are quite specific and do not permit student parachutists, either "Solo Student" or "Tandem Student" Parachutists, to jump with cameras.

Filming of Skydives is undertaken by Licensed Skydivers using specifically approved Camera Mounts & Cameras, normally either mounted on a Licensed Skydiver’s Helmet, Chest, Arm, Hand or exceptionally another part of the body – this may be either by a Solo Skydiver (referred to as "Outside Cam") or in the case of some Tandem Instructors on their arm or hand (referred to as "Handcam"). Whilst we can undertake to have a Skydive (as opposed to a Static Line jump) filmed we cannot at the time of booking undertake as to whether this will be done by "Outside Cam" or "Hand Cam" – each has benefits over the other – and it depends how the rota of jumps and personnel falls on the day, which in turn is dependent upon several other factors.

Whilst it is best to book in advance, it may be possible to arrange a video of a Tandem Skydive as late as the day of your jump for a total cost of £99 which will get you an edited movie and some still digital e-photos. Access to your footage is provided through a link that will be emailed to you after your jump and which can then be shared with friends & family. For an additional £5 the footage can be downloaded onto a USB which SSG will provide and which can be mailed out, or should time & demand allow it may be possible to wait and collect the USB on the day of the jump.

Given that Tandem Parachutists exit in order of 300 feet apart resulting in both vertical & horizontal separation practicalities dictate that one camera can only film one Tandem Parachutist in free fall, although other jumpers might be filmed within the aircraft and after landing.

We sub-contract the production of Videos out to SSG (Video Productions)
Payment for the edited video is made in two parts, firstly £44 to Skydive Academy Ltd in advance (by card or cash payment only) which effectively books the video, and and after training has been completed separately £55 to SSG (Video Productions), or if footage on a USB is preferred £60. SSG like ourselves accept both card & cash payments. Should the video be of an unacceptable standard, as judged by ourselves & SSG, you would not have to pay the balance of the £55 fee to SSG (Video Productions) and we would refund the £44 you paid us in advance of the jump to secure the provision of the video service, however there would be no refund of the Fee paid for the Tandem Skydive, or provision by us, Skydive Academy Ltd, of a free 2nd Tandem Skydive experience should the video fail to come out".

Support documents

Events fundraising handbook - helping you raise cash for the kitty with your sponsored challenge - download

GoRaise - raise more when you shop online - download

Sponsorship form - download

Images and logos to help with your fundraising - download

Frequently asked questions

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