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Feral Update

22 July 2018
Feral Update

Just giving you an update on our feral work. We have been inundated with requests for help with feral cats. We have been involved in a campaign to trap neuter and return a colony of 17 cats and they are all ginger. We've never seen anything like it. We have managed to catch all but three. They seem to know when we are coming and they disappear into thin air. We have given them time to get over our presence. I don't think our cat van helped as it has a huge picture of a ginger cat on the side of it. We will not give up until all the cats have been neutered blood tested and returned. They have shelter and plenty of food and they all seem in good shape so watch this space.

Help Needed

A fantastic supporter of CP Sheffield Hallam a wonderful lady that lives in the Rotherham area has asked for help neutering a colony of cats at a factory. She is willing to trap transport and return them back to site. We are helping with all the costs of this task. We wish her the very best good luck

Another lovely lady would like help with feral cats that are desperately crying out for food and trying to get into the residential home she works at. She had been so bitterly dissapointed by the lack of help then by chance she rang Springfield Vets Firth Park who then passed on our telephone number. This lady was prepared to trap transport and return to site. She has completed the task single handed. Sheffield Hallam branch funded the blood testing and neutering. We would like to give a massive thank you to Tracy and an even bigger thank you to Springfield Vets Firth Park surgery you never fail to help us.

We have another two more feral gangs to finish , a couple of sneaky felines to catch. It takes patience but we will get them 

Once again a massive thank you to Springfield Vet group for putting up with us
Pictures will follow soon

Thank you all for your continued support
Sheffield Hallam Branch