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07 December 2018
After a long day of collecting and delivering food to our many feral colonies we were just about to head off back home,when we took a call from springfield vets at crystal peaks , requering help,a lady who had been feeding a stray had noticed he had a injured leg had gained her trust and was able to get him into a basket to take to her vets at crystal peaks, on arriving at the vets the cat managed to burst through the basket door and escape into the carpark, the nurses and receptionist searched the carpark for him but he managed to escape them.It was already dark when we got there and we thought that finding him would be a nightmare anyway armed with a trap and net we started walking about the carpark sweatly calling for him, then to our suprise he appeared and meowed then shot under a parked car, great we thought we get him no problem whilst waiting a few minutes for him to appear nothing happened no sign of him at all, it was as though he had dissapeared into thin air, we then began the search of the surgery grounds after 45 minutes of serching we decided just to leave a small shelter out for him just in case he came back, we were gutted, bu twe kept thinking we never saw him move from under the car and then in a light bulb moment i said to amanda, he's in that car bonnet, we went into the surgery to ask who's car it was and marion the receptionist said it was hers amanda slowly opened the bonnet i was armed with the net, the cats head just popped up, and with a quick response from amanda she grabbed him like lightning and we rushed into the surgery and quickley got him into the basket, we all felt fantastic a relief to this saga, we waited until the lady who brought him in came back to the surgery, she was most greatfull, the cat was then booked in for vet check for his lameness and blood tested neutered vaccinated and identichipped,he has now moved in with her and her other cat and has settled in just fine, what an amazing end to this rescue.