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Shark supports Cats Protection

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that our partnership with Shark has so far raised over £140,000, a massive thank you to Shark for their support! We’re also very pleased that our partnership with Shark is continuing into 2022 too!

Cats bring so many benefits to our lives, but all cat owners will know that cat hairs can end up in many parts of the house and on furniture! That’s why we’re really pleased to be partnered with Shark, the creators of TruePet vacuum cleaners, purposefully designed for homes with pets. Shark is a leading name in upright and cordless vacuum cleaners.

Shark have committed to donating a further £50,000 to Cats Protection and £50,000 to Dogs Trust during the third year of our partnership. This donation from Shark could pay for one day’s care for over 2,700 cats at our centres, so a massive thank you to Shark for continuing to support our work in 2022.

If you’re looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner with innovative cleaning technologies that will quickly remove embedded cat hair from your floors and furnishings, then read more about our partner Shark’s TruePet range below and say goodbye to cat hairs!

What is a Shark TruePet vacuum cleaner?

Designed for pet owners, Shark’s TruePet vacuum cleaners help you quickly remove embedded pet hair from floors and furnishings with a purposefully designed pet tool, and feature innovative cleaning technologies such as Anti Hair Wrap Technology. You can choose from a range of corded and cordless models from Shark, so there’s something for everyone and every home.

While short-haired cats need a bit of help grooming – a quick brush once a week should do it – long-haired cats ideally need to be brushed daily to prevent their fur from becoming tangled and matted.

It’s possible for the loose hair from your cat to become tangled in their fur, resulting in matting. Therefore it’s a good idea to vacuum regularly to clear up the debris from your brushing sessions. Shark’s TruePet vacuum cleaners are the ideal way to clear up all the loose fur in your home.

To find out more about our partnership with Shark and to purchase a TruePet vacuum cleaner, click here.

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*Dogs Trust Registered Charity Nos: 227523 & SC037843#

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