About Us

Skegness & District Cats Protection Branch take in stray and unwanted cats and kittens and take care of them until new loving homes can be found for them.  We never put a healthy cat to sleep. Go to our ‘Adopt A Cat’ page to see what cats we currently have in care looking for that special home.

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We are not an Adoption Centre that you can visit; all of the cats in our care are looked after by a small team of volunteer fosterers in purpose-built pens in their gardens or in dedicated rooms in the fosterer’s own home. Each year our branch takes in, fully treats and rehomes well over 100 unwanted or stray cats.

Our Branch is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and is dependent on the generosity and goodwill of our supporters, please visit our ‘Support Us’ for different ways you can help and raise money.

We promote the neutering of all cats and help owners in receipt of benefits or on low income with the cost of neutering through our voucher scheme.  Go to our ‘Neutering’ page for further information on our voucher scheme.

We strive to educate people to improve their understanding of cats and their care, and can provide advice and information where applicable – visit our ‘Cat Care Information’ page for guides on cat ownership and well-being.

We are a welfare and rehoming charity only; we have no authority to investigate cases of cruelty and have no legal powers to intervene to remove animals from their owners.  If you suspect that someone is being cruel or neglecting an animal you should contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.