Success Stories

Sally and Daisy

It`s now been a few months since I adopted Sally & Daisy, two 14 year old female cats that needed a new owner following the loss of their previous home.

Sally is a dark tiger tabby, somewhat overweight with a friendly and gentle nature who likes to be cuddled and given plenty of cat sweets.  Now settled in she is an ideal house cat that likes nothing more than to be brushed, stroked and generally made a fuss of.

Daisy is also a tiger tabby and is sister to Sally and is very similar in nature. She tends to be a bit more demanding than her sister and would spend all day being brushed and stroked if I had the time. It’s been a little longer for her too settle in due to her slightly more nervous nature.

I have always adopted cats that no one else has wanted due to age, disability or colour from rescue centres. The last two I adopted were Lizzy, a Maine Coon and Gibbs, a black chap aged 20 and 16 both lived for in excess of 4 years with us and were always a pleasure to have around. Nobody would take them on as with the current residents due to their age and colour.

Think again when looking for a cat friend to share your life with, I have always had clean friendly cats that have brought great pleasure into our home. These older ones need good homes and generally the running costs are no more than the kittens and younger cats available.

Thanks to all at the rescue centre for finding the two old girls for us.


When I first heard about Bobby (or Spud as he was named by Cats Protection) my heart strings were pulled; his story seemed so sad - found under a school portacabin, being fed by the site management team and builders who were working there over the summer.


Spud was the nickname one of the school’s site management team who helped trap him) and so petrified he wouldn't come near anyone. His picture of when he was rescued by the CPL showed a scared, bony, yellow, approximately 6 year old, matted cat. Although I would love to have a cat, I'd always dreamed of a kitten, we had an old border collie, Buster, who was number one in our house and were fearful of bringing a cat into that environment.

After a couple of weeks, I realised no one had come forward to adopt him, so I dared to ask my husband Chris if we might consider adopting him, he had already won my heart by that point. Coincidentally, that evening, we spied Buster happily eating his dinner with a neighbour’s cat sat watching him close by. The decision was made!

We were warned that Spud/Bobby was in a really traumatised state, he'd been shaved completely because Bobby of the matting to his fur and CPL gave us some amazing support to help provide for him to build trust and confidence with us as his new owners in his new forever home. It was then that we could see he was some sort of Persian cat, a Chinchilla Persian.

Two weeks after Bobby arrived home, we sadly lost Buster, and 4 weeks following that, I tragically lost my sister suddenly. It was at these times that Bobby seemed to leap forwards in his recovery; he'd let me touch him, or appeared to lean into a stroke around his ears-it was like he knew I needed him to step out of his bubble for a moment.

It took 4 months before Bobby left his safe haven of our bedroom. He hid in our wardrobe and only came out at night or when there was no one in the room. After 4 months, he ventured behind our living room curtains at night and slept peacefully, he started to come out for treats. The moment he came to me for a fuss was the best moment ever! He wouldn't stop writhing around my ankles, like he'd never been fussed before, but he knew what to do, so he'd obviously been a much loved cat to someone else in the past. It was very apparent that Bobby had not one nasty bone in his body; in fact, he is the most sensitive, gentle, loving cat I've ever met! He loves being groomed, lays there while I clip his claws and all in all loves being a pampered cat!

BobbyJust under a year later, we introduced Bobby to our new addition to the family; Woody, a cocker spaniel puppy. Again, we were worried we may set him back in his progress, but once again, we were amazed at Bobby's incredible capacity to adapt. He got stuck straight in to taking care of his new little brother (now not so little!) and showing him the ropes! Now, they're like 2 peas in a pod - both are a bad influence on each other! ;)

Bobby brings us so much life and laughter, joy and happiness! He knows just when we need him and we know when he needs us, be it play, food, cuddles or a warm lap. I believe he is truly happy and sooooo confident these days, nothing phases him when he knows we're there to protect him.

Although I'd always dreamed of having a kitten, I would never ever change our Bobby Dazzler for the world. For an 8 year old cat, he is a spritely, cheeky, happy bundle of gorgeousness in our lives and has given us so much joy and comfort; he's been a true gift to all of us, including Woody!