Cats - from 'Home to Home'

Cats - from 'Home to Home'
On this page we would like to give owners who are in need of a new home for their cats due to moving, illness or other unforeseen circumstances the opportunity to re-home their cats. The cat won't be handed over to Cats Protection and therefore we don't take any responsibility. Unfortunately we aren't able to take in every cat due to shortage of space, but we try to help where we can in providing a platform where we are giving a short description of the cats and their habits.
If you are in a position where you need help re-homing your cat, please contact us via email:
If you are interested in taking on one of the following 'cats in need' and can provide a forever home, please use the provided details and get in contact with the current owner directly. Thank you very much.
Please Note: All cats on the 'Home-to-Home' page are listed for 3 months. If you wish us to keep your post for a little bit longer, please advise us after the initial 3 months, thank you.