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Leo - Another success!!

25 September 2012
Leo - Another success!! Just look at this lovely boy!  He came to us as a feral cat who didn't want to know anyone, but with a bit of coaxing he came around enough to go to a lovely new home.  His new owners say:

Just to say hello and thanks again for Leo.
He is fantastic and you can see by the photos how well he has settled in!!!! He is hilarious when he collapses on the settee as if to watch his favourite programme!!!

He is very affectionate at times (when he isn't biting-you did warn us!) but that just adds to his fantastic character and charm and he does love to play. Favourite games at the moment are "mouse on the stair", "ball in the washing basket" etc etc.

We are all trained now to meet his every need and usually a tiny miaow is all he needs to activate us to play, cuddle or feed him! We have learnt very quickly.

So thought you might like these pics because it is thanks to your loving care and attention that he is such a lovely boy.