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Nearly naked Eric - what a story...

01 June 2013
Nearly naked Eric - what a story...

We first came across Eric on the Cats Protection Page on Facebook and he immediately caught our attention from the pictures of him being shaved. After reading the story about him being a stray for 6 months due to his previously family getting a dog after losing his brother we felt he deserved a new fresh start in a loving home and definitely felt we could provide him with this.

We arranged to visit Eric one evening and travelled to the fosterer Ruth’s home around 20 minutes away from Grantham. As soon as we saw him it was a no-brainer, he was definitely the kitty for us and unbelievably playful and loving, so duly adopted him. We went through the home visit which was arranged and carried out quickly. We then had Eric a week or so later.

At the start of the adoption Eric was very tentative and hid most of the time. We would often come home and find a big lump in our bed where Eric had been snuggled in the duvet sleeping.  He now jumps up on the bed the same time every morning and massages us by padding the duvet, what a way to wake up, our own personal alarm clock and masseuse, what a companion! After his breakfast feeds he is out exploring all day until we arrive home. He is then ready for evening meal and cuddles.

Overall, Eric has changed our lives for the better. He is a very loving cat and we are proud to have him as ours. Many thanks to Cats Protection for making this possible and giving us such a great companion.