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Jamie - another success

17 January 2011
Jamie - another success

Jamie was trapped at Folkingham, just a few miles away from Sleaford.  He was nicknamed the 'Beast of Folkingham' as he kept breaking into peoples homes to get food.  He also beat up a large Bengal that needed hundreds of pounds spent on him at the vets for the injuries caused by him. 

When he came into Cats Protection he was a very nervous boy.  He would hide in his bed and all you would see was eyes.  Slowly he would lean forward to have his neck rubbed, but only for a short time, and he would then strike out in fear.  It took two months to gain this boys trust, to where he loved having a brush and he would ask for fuss.  His favourite things were a piece of string and a green pingpong ball.  He was still wary of strangers, but so loving to those he knew.

We were wondering if we would ever find anyone that would understand and appreciate what a special boy he was.  Then the phone rang.  He was just what they were looking for; could they come over and see him.  I think it was love at first sight both for Jamie and Kev and Kerryanne.  The only thing that they said would not be allowed was him to be allowed in their bedroom.  Yes you guessed it, we had an e-mail recently letting me know how he was getting on, and yes he loved sleeping on their bed!!  Never tell a cat never!!!