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Vinnie and Alfie

12 October 2011
Vinnie and Alfie
Below is an email received from people who took two kittens from us recently, brothers but actually from different litters, one kitten quite young and the other about 8 months old.  They came in with their mum who went to a different home but it looks like these two have fallen on their paws:

Just a quick update about the cats...
Week 3 in Sleaford and the cats parade around the house like they own it. They are both little monkeys and like to play fight most of the time but we can see different personalities developing even in the short time we've had them.
Vinnie is very calm and chilled and a real big softy. He likes to have a bit of time to himself of an evening to get some sleep but Alfie has other ideas and pounces on him as soon as he nods off, even if we're playing with him. Vinnie, being the chilled out one, takes it for a while but finally has enough and puts his little brother in his place by sitting on top of him. 
Alfie is still very playful and a bit more of a cheeky character. He follows his brother's every move and feels the need to copy whatever he does; it definately gives meaning to the phrase "copy cat". 
Vinnie has started to go outside during the evenings under close supervision. So far he has not felt the need to venture any further than the back garden, which happens to be home to our other beloved pet, Chilli the rabbit. Vinnie and Chilli have spent many evenings checking each other out, nose to nose through the rabbit pen. Hopefully it can be the start of a beautiful relationship.
The house definately feels more like a home with the addition of 2 new family members. There certainly won't be a dull moment as long as these pair are around to keep us on our toes!