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Wellington - aka Zebadee

10 July 2013
Wellington - aka Zebadee
"Hello Everyone,

You probably all remember me as Zebadee when those nice ladies at the Cats Protection took me in.  I was six months then and I am now 8 months and settled into my lovely new home.  My mum's named me Wellington after the Second World war RAF twin engined bomber.  I have a stepbrother called Biggles.  He's ten and chocolatey brown.  I try and get on with him, and sometimes we do, but other times he sends a warning  with a growl or hiss.  Mum really wants us to be friends and is encouraged by our friendliness particularly at meal times!

I'm a real little live wire and love charging around the house after flies and playing with my toys.  I play a game with mum where I creep up on her ankles!  I'm so friendly, cuddly and purry and will walk around the house chirruping to myself.  I help mum study and she says that I'm bonkers - I'm the only cat she's known who positively LIKES water!  I play with the running tap! I also like Yoghurt which mum positively discourages....

Mum's started taking me out into our back garden.  I LOVE chasing birds but also have a worrying draw to bees so mum has to disabuse me of the fact that they are fair game...well, what's a chap to do when such temptation is in front of him?  I have been VERY naughty and worried mu once, as I jumped the fence into next doors...then chased birds into next door but one and out of sight of mums watchful eye...  But I succumbed to that clarion call which you humans do of rattling the biscuit box...and I eventually jumped back onto the fence when mum grabbed me and cuddled me back indoors well, i didn't mind that too much !!  I'm looking forward to getting complete solo freedom in the garden!

Wellington (Welly Boy)"