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Wilfried - The feral

30 July 2013
Wilfried - The feral Wilfred was rescued from a feral colony, and was borderline feral himself.  He hid from his rescuers (and myself once I had adopted him).  However, within 24 hours of being in my house he discovered humans had roast chicken, and the rest is history.  He's now a healthy young man, very friendly with everyone he meets (except other cats, ironically, since he came from a colony!) and loves to be fussed.  I have nicknamed him "limpet" or "barnacle" because he is always desperate for a fuss!  He's got an independent streak - loves hunting and hanging around outside for hours at a time, come rain or shine.  I am always thankful for Cat's Protection for rescuing him; he's developed into a loving, good natured moggy.  Without Cat's Protection, he would now be a feral struggling to survive.