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Jaspers story

19 May 2017
Jaspers story

This is Jasper. We reunited him to his owners last week. He had been missing for 6 months.

Jasper had run away the day before his family were due to move house.

We got a report through a few months after he went missing to say that someone thought they saw him. We lent a trap and tried trapping for about a month. Unfortunately we had no luck and Jasper had not been seen for a while so we had to stop. 

A month later, we had another report in to say that a lady was feeding a cat she thought was a stray in the area he went missing. We lent the trap again and 10 days later we got him.

All in all, it took us over a month actively trying to catch Jasper and 6 months had passed by the time we got him but we were finally able to reunite him with his family where he is enjoying tummy tickles, cuddles, long naps and of course lots of yummy food.

It took a lot of hard work and patience but the moral of the story is, never give up hope and always keep trying. No matter how unrealistic you think the odds are ❤️