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After 18 months of trying unsuccessfully to encourage my two cats tolerate one another, I’ve made the hard decision to try to find a new loving home for 5 year-old Rafi.  I’m heartbroken to have to do this but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the fairest thing for both cats.   

Rafi is very affectionate and playful. Once he gets to know you, he’ll be a regular fixture on your lap. He’ll use his paw to pull your hand towards him if you stop stroking him but he’s not ready for you to stop!  He loves playing with his toys, especially the ‘fishing rod’ type, but amazingly has never caught an animal or a bird (that I know of, anyway) since he’s lived with me. He’s also very partial to catnip. 

Rafi’s quite a chatty boy and is very clean. He’s quite a small cat and has unusual fur markings, similar to a tabby but mottled and with a black strip down his back. Oh, and he has lovely green eyes (which haven’t come across well on these photos) and a circle of beige ‘eyeliner’ around each eye. Rafi’s a bit of a scaredy cat and usually hides when visitors are in the house. He would suit a quieter household, ideally with no children and definitely with no other pets.

Rafi’s neutered, chipped and his inoculations are up-to-date.

If you know anyone who might be interested in offering Rafi a new home, please contact Naomi on 07789 953391.

Added July 2018

Timmy and Millie are mainly indoor cats with access to outdoors when owners are home from work/on weekends. However we call them fair weather cats as they only tend to choose to venture outdoors on mild & dry weather days.  They don’t venture far and are usually back waiting to be let in very quickly wanting food and cuddles!

Although not blood relatives Timmy and Millie are like brother and sister, they have been together since they were kittens. They enjoy playing together and snuggling up for a nap. If Timmy has gone out and Millie has stayed in she can often be found looking for him! Millie needs timmy to keep her ‘Young’ and playful and likewise Timmy needs Millie to keep him in line!

They have both been around a young child but are much more comfortable in a calmer, quieter environment with older teens / adults where they are left alone to come for fuss when they want it and not chased around!

To adopt Timmy and Millie contact Sarah on: 07736928976.
Added June 2018

Pebbles is a Female Tortoiseshell Cat and Bambam is a Male Black Cat. They have been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. They have both been indoor cats and have rarley gone outside, they would ideally need to be rehomed where there are no other animals or children. Pebbles and Bambam are an affentionate and loving pair and would need to be rehomed together.
If interested in these adorable pair, please contact: Lisa Gronberg on

Two Male Cats, Merlin (black and white) and Gimli (ginger and white). Both friendly to adults but dislike young children (may be ok with an older child). 

Gimli is the shyer of the two, but loves to sit on a lap once he knows you. Merlin is cheekier and more vocal. 

Dog free and child free home required (but may tolerate other cats), and with outside access. 3 years old castrated and chipped. To be re-homed together as they are litter mates. Both in good health

If Interested please email:


Where we are unable to take in a cat that needs a new home, we try to help through our Direct Homing Scheme.

We will feature the cat on our web site while the cat stays with its current owner and they continue to be responsible for its health and welfare. We can make no claim to accurate knowledge of the cat, its health, vaccination status, or whether it is neutered, etc.

It is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current owner to decide if the cat is suited to its possible new home. South Birmingham Branch can give no guarantees to owner or adopter. The Branch charges no fee for the Direct Homing Service.

Cats on our Direct Homing Scheme will stay on our website for four months and then we shall assume, unless otherwise advised, that they have been rehomed, and will remove their details.  If the cat has not found a new home, and the owner wishes their cat to remain on our website, we ask that the owner contacts us by email providing up to date information and new pictures, particularly if the cat as first shown was a kitten or very young cat and, at the same time, reconfirm their contact details.