PepperSouth Birmingham

Pepper is a 5 year old cat who unfortunately came to her when her owner moved abroad.

Pepper absolutely loves being around people, she miaows when her fosterer comes into the room and she loves sitting next to people and watching what's going on.

However, she likes a certain amount of fuss and then she's had enough. She hasn't had anyone to make a big fuss of her so she's quite independent. Since she's been in the fosterer's home she's turned into a bit of a love bucket, she's really come out of her shell.

Pepper needs to go to an owner who experienced with cats and will give Pepper time to get used to lots of fuss and love.

Even though Pepper will tell you when she's had enough - she never scratches or bites - she's very gentle.

Pepper is neutered and vaccinated!

Gender Female
Age 5
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Tabby
Can live with cats No
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family No
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes
Feral cat No

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