PookieReservedSouth Birmingham

Pookie is a 3 year old black female cat.

She was been living with her elderly owner alone as an indoor cat. Unfortunately Pookie’s owner can not longer look after her due to moving into a house share.

When she came into our care, it took her a few days to settle in. She will hiss and hide until you gain her trust. Once she gets to know you. She will come for a fuss and become a cuddly lapcat.

Pookie has been overgrooming herself - probably due to living in a single room in a house share. The vet says that her fur should grow back when she's in a stable environment and not as nervous.

Although Pookie has been an indoor cat we would still love her to be able to go outside. So she will require a gentle introduction to the outside. The ability to investigate outside will also help with her overgrooming.

Pookie will require a quiet home with no young children and probably no other cat.

Gender Female
Age 3
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Black
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family No
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes