Remember us in your will

Remembering Cats Protection in your Will is one of the most effective ways that you can make a real difference to the welfare of cats and kittens in the South Birmingham area by helping to provide the necessary resources for our volunteers to carry on their vital work.

By leaving a gift, no matter how small, to Cats Protection South Birmingham Branch in your Will you can help us ensure that we can continue to find as many cats and kittens as possible the right home, well into the future. A gift could also help us run our local neutering campaign that works to inform, advise and spread the neutering message and help owners on low incomes to get their cats and kittens neutered. This will help prevent future generations of cats and kittens from suffering after being left homeless because they were unwanted and ultimately neglected.

You can click here for more information and to request an information pack.

To ensure that your gift comes to South Birmingham Branch please read the ‘Suggested wording’ section.

If you have any questions please ring our Branch Helpline on 0345 3711854 or email:  

Thank you so much for supporting us.